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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

Just a few links for you this week, but they’re all worth a click — starting with a SmartMoney article about how pet travel is a big business, and growing (fair enough, and I enjoyed the details about the author’s trip to Portland, OR with Minnie, a Border Collie/Papillon mix, but have any of you ever encountered “horrified looks from fellow [plane] passengers”? Anyone? I get either oblivious, mildly curious, or besottedly enthusiastic). The last paragraphs of the SmartMoney article segue nicely into a post from Something Wagging This Way Comes, a list of rules for making dining with your dog a happy experience for you, your dog, and other diners.

Speaking of business, India is an important growth market for pet care services, according to an article from The Economic Times. It’s early days yet — the author reports, for example, that while many hotels and resorts allow pets to join their owners, many are unwilling to advertise the fact. If you do plan to travel in India with your dog, check out, a resource mentioned in the article (and in previous Chloe’s Clicks). Other destinations highlighted in this week’s links are Minneapolis-St. Paul (CityPages lists 5 dog-friendly patios for summertime meals), California’s Monterey Peninsula (per an article from the San Francisco Chronicle), and Boston (the Take Paws team covered nearly all the bases — except the Back Bay — in their “Boston Sports Plenty of Pet Friendly Options” post).

Keep in mind that this Friday, June 22, is Take Your Dog to Work Day — here’s a cheerful article from The Seattle Times about dogs at work to get you in the mood. And if you’re traveling to work by car, remember to buckle up — yourself and your dog. Sleepypod, makers of the Sleepypod Air carrier I’ve reviewed (and given away), commissioned a series of crash tests to see how the Air (and the Mini and Atom, two other Sleepypod carriers) would perform in an accident; here’s their video of an unrestrained 12 lb. dog. in a 30 mph crash — and here’s the car safety solution I’m using for Chloe.