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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

Look at me, timely posting Chloe’s Clicks two weeks in a row. Chalk it up in part to my having my hand firmly on the reins of this blog, and in MUCH LARGER PART to there being a wealth of good links to share with you this week. Here we go:

The Go Pet Friendly team leads off with a post that got me with its title alone: “Barking Along Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail.” What’s not to love about dogs and bourbon? Their pictures are always good, but the one of Ty on the wild turkey? Priceless. Other good destination posts include recommendations for a shop and several high-end doggy day care places in Vancouver, B.C., and a reminder that Chicago’s Green City Farmers Market is dog-friendly (and that the Lincoln Park Zoo’s nature boardwalk is too). Travel & Leisure posted a list of “America’s Best Dog-Friendly Hotels,” and my eye was caught by entry #3, Santa Fe’s Ten Thousand Waves inn (“eight ryokan-inspired houses with the ultimate dog-friendly bonus—a nice outdoor place to run around”). LuxuryPAW‘s Janine Franceschi cast a vote of her own for Sedona’s El Portal Hotel.

We turn to how-to posts — a practical one from about prepping for road trips with your dog (I particularly like the suggestion about putting together an emergency packet, with directions, medical information, and necessary supplies, in case you are incapacitated and emergency providers need to care for your pet); and a thought-provoking and important one from the Chino Valley Review about snake avoidance training for your dog. Here’s a nice post, too, from Montecristo Travels, with tips for taking good photos of your dog.

I’ll leave you with two links, one from Blanket ID‘s blog about Madsen Cycles’ bikes with sidecars big enough to chauffeur your big dog (entitled “No more Small Dog Envy”), and the last from the BBC, about the Café Neko, a new Viennese café with a strict no-dogs policy — because it is inhabited by five rescued cats. For once, I’ve got no bone to pick!