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Citizen Canine dog-walking hip pack giveaway winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway I announced last Monday for a fully-loaded Citizen Canine dog-walking hip pack! I loved your recommendations for dog-friendly restaurants, attractions and hotels — which I’ll list below, so they’re more easily found than in the comments on the giveaway post — and I loved your enthusiasm. Several of you entered the giveaway in every way possible, and many of you sent in three or four entries.

The winner, in fact, is one of those people: Catherine entered the giveaway by friending Dog Jaunt and liking it on Facebook, signing up for the RSS feed, and, of course, posting her suggestion. In fact, she had two: “Camp Dogwood in Ingleside, Illinois, an awesome place for a long weekend with your dog playing every dog sport/activity you could think of,” and a “bonus recommendation — The Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon…welcomed my Zeke with open arms.” Thanks, Catherine!

Here are your other recommendations, grouped by region:

Northeastern U.S.

“In Portland, Maine there are two wonderful dog-friendly stores: Videoport for all of your home viewing needs, and Longfellow Books for your reading pleasure. It’s nice to be able to bring your dog into a store and browse sometimes, you know? Also, the Snug is a popular local bar where your dog can join you while you socialize. Fun!”

“One of the best places to vacation with your dog is the Lazy Dog Inn in Tamworth, New Hampshire. I have stayed there a week at a time for the past 3 years and it’s wonderful. It’s a B&B so you get breakfast cooked by the owner.”

Southeastern U.S.

Lost Dog Café in Arlington, Northern Virginia goes above and beyond many of our local restaurants who welcome our four-legged friends in outdoor patio seating with biscuits, treats, and water bowls. In summer, most of the restaurants we enjoy frequenting give the dogs clean stainless steel bowls of ICE water. Yes, the dogs get way better service than we do! Lost Dog Café takes dog-friendly further, rescuing and adopting out abandoned cats and dogs for 13 years. The décor and menu items such as Whippet Pie and The Catahoula remind patrons of the café’s mission. That is the epitome of dog-friendly and a yummy restaurant animal lovers can feel good patronizing.”

“Buster and I enjoy Currituck Heritage Park in Corolla, North Carolina. They have huge fields for a dog to run and play with other dog friends, chase balls or frisbees, and practice training or agility. It is bordered by the Currituck Sound which is a great place for some wet and mucky fun after your dog has worked up a sweat. Your dog can swim or lay in the shade under the live oaks while you fish or crab. On Wednesdays during the summer they have wine festivals, no drinking for dogs allowed, but there you will meet one dog lover after another and their four-legged friends. Wine tasting, live music and lots of new faces and ‘butts’ will make Wednesdays you and your dog’s favorite day of the week!”

“Mainstay Suites in Clarksville, TN. When our house burned down in December, Shiloh and I stayed at Mainstay for a month and they were very dog friendly. It’s hard to find hotels that accept large dogs, but the Mainstay doesn’t discriminate against big dogs, and there were dogs of all sizes and weights staying there when we were there.”

“In Harrisonburg, VA, we like to stay at Candlewood Suites Harrisonburg. There’s also the Harrisonburg Dog Park, which is located at 2702 Spotswood Trail, Harrisonburg, VA. There’s also great hiking right near by, which our dog LOVES!”

“Love taking Piper to the Durham Bulls Athletic Park in Durham, NC during Bark at the Park. She loves getting her own seat and watching the action on the field!”

Midwestern U.S.

“Over here in Chicago, IL we have Navy Pier that is dog friendly.”

“I’m not sure if I consider it terribly dog-friendly, but our local restaurants (Lafayette, IN) Panera Bread Co. and Dairy Queen allow the dogs to be in the outdoor seating areas as long as they’re not making a nuisance of themselves. They’ve even been kind enough to give us water for the dog’s water bowls. I guess dog-tolerant is how I think of it, rather than dog-friendly (you’re not encouraged to do this…).”

“The patio at Big Chief Dakota Grill in Wildwood, Missouri.”

Southwestern U.S.

“For a year now, a group of CGC graduates and owners get together on the patio of a wonderful Mexican restaurant. El Chapparo is on 1488 in Magnolia, TX. The staff there have been generous in their accommodations and care of our 4-legged companions. They have shown genuine interest in our dogs and happily bring them ice water upon our arrival.”

Western U.S.

“For flyball tournaments, we always stay at Motel 6. Reasonable rates and dog friendly areas! As for a restaurant, well not many in Salt Lake City. However, our local coffee huts always have extra treats for my dogs!”

“My contribution is to let you know that Mt. Baker is a great attraction a bit north of you that offers pet friendly hiking. You can check out more about here:

And a shout-out, too, to the reader who recommended…her own house (she fosters dogs):

“I’ve pulled out all the carpets, replaced cloth furniture with leather (easier to clean up marking when new dog is added), baby gates in half of all doors, and two “dog” rooms (one is a bedroom with 10 crates of various sizes to accommodate various sizes where the dogs sleep, and the other is a family room with a large leather chaise & TV where we hang in the evenings). I’ve got frozen meat bones, 5 different cookies at any given time in addition to human food that serves as cookies (cheese, blueberries, etc), and enough piggy cigar rolls to last at least a month…for those times we get snowed in! I frequently have girls night out at my place – which enables the dogs to be socialized while my friends get their fill of doggies and wine in a relaxed casual inexpensive environment!”

Thank you again, and stay posted. I’ll be reviewing a really wonderful carrier soon, and then giving it away to a Dog Jaunt reader.