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Photo Friday: Tater the Yorkie, and a bullet dodged

This week’s photo was sent to me by reader Kristin, who travels all over the U.S. with Tater, her Yorkie. Here he is, in what looks like a medium Sherpa carrier, on their recent trip to Portland, OR.

And the bullet dodged? Kristin mentioned how miffed she was that American now charges $175, and requires a health certificate, for in-cabin dogs. Astonished, I checked the web site, and it turns out that the agent she spoke to got his or her wires crossed, and booked Tater as a cargo dog, not an in-cabin dog (never fear, in-cabin dogs needn’t have a health certificate on American, and the in-cabin fee remains $125)(which is still crazily expensive, I agree). Kristin sorted the situation out, but it’s a good reminder that agents, especially at this frenzied time of year, can get it wrong….

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  • Amanda

    What is it with American Airlines? When we traveled with them back in May 2011, our check-in agent also charged us for a “cargo” dog when our dog was carry-on. We’re still waiting for our refund, almost a year later. 🙁 We’re planning on making the same trip this spring, and we’ll be printing off AA’s pet policy and pricing from their website and bringing it with us, so we can educate the AA ticket agent, if necessary.

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