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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

Lordy mercy. The oldest piece in this collection is from April 6, so this post is really a round-up of the best dog travel links from the past month. I have some excellent reasons for the delay, and even some excuses, but I’ll skip all of that and go straight to the good stuff.

Here is that oldest link, which turns out to be a good, thorough review by the bloggers behind According to Gus of the Solvit HoundAbout dog stroller. “Srsly?,” you say — but it makes perfect sense when you learn that Gus is a small dog, his owners are runners, and he gets a 45-minute walk before he’s chauffeured. (Dog strollers are also, of course, very useful equipment for a disabled or impaired or elderly dog.)

There’s more good info in this trio of links: One, from Pet News and Views, is about the hazards of driving with an unrestrained dog; the second is a look at the benefits of working in a dog-friendly office; and the third is a guest post on Take Paws by Lisa Trent about the logistics of camping with your dog.

As always, thank goodness, there is a clutch of links about tempting places to visit with your dog. I’ll lead off with a post from Will My Dog Hate Me? about author Edie Jarolim’s visit with her dog Frankie to The Lazy Dog Ranch, a B&B about two hours from Tucson. Edie and Frankie are the stars of another great link from Take Paws, this time about the Burkerts’ visit to Tucson, AZ. New Mexico, one state over, is the home of Travelin’ Jack’s Dog Blog, a blog I’ve praised in past Chloe’s Clicks. This week (alright, fine, two weeks ago), Jack was profiled on Fido Friendly‘s blog, and his tips are well worth checking out. Head west until you reach the ocean, and with any luck you’ll find yourself in beautiful Pacific Grove, CA — and if you’ve read this post from Have Dog Blog Will Travel, you’ll take yourself and your dog to the beautiful beach at Asilomar.

The last three links I have for you are new resources to check out. The Wet Nose Guide is not, in fact, new, but I took a fresh look at it recently, and found helpful its listings for dog-related resources in a number of U.S. cities/regions. The information provided about each is very limited, so you’ll likely need to follow up a lead (for a dog-friendly restaurant, for example, or a place to walk your dog) with supplemental Google searches.

I received an e-mail from Visa’s outreach team, telling me about a list the Visa team has compiled of pet-friendly hotels. If you have a Visa “Signature” card (I’ve just checked, and I do — the words “Visa Signature” are written in small white text underneath my card number) and you book a stay through the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection (there are currently 19 pet-friendly hotels in the collection, in locations around the world), you’ll receive the following perks:

• Guaranteed best available rate
• Automatic room upgrade upon arrival, when available
• Complimentary continental breakfast
• 3 PM check-out, when available
• VIP Guest status
• $25 food or beverage voucher
• Free in-room Internet or Valet parking

I haven’t taken advantage of this offer yet, but it’s worth a closer look — and I love seeing the effort that a major player like Visa is putting into reaching travelers with dogs. It heartens me.

Another thing that heartens me is seeing a new dog travel blog burst onto the scene. I have long enjoyed The Road Forks, a terrific blog from Akila and Patrick, who “travel, cook, and eat our way around the world with our two dogs,” and now Akila and Patrick have launched The Road Unleashed, focused on companions Chewy and Abby. I’ve added it to Dog Jaunt’s list of links already, and I’m looking forward to reading about the team’s adventures!