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USPS says no pet dogs in the post office

I completely missed Photo Friday yesterday, and thought for a moment or two of cheating and calling this “Snapshot Saturday,” but decided I really couldn’t do that to you.

I was sorry to see this sign today (and at the post office in dog-friendly Friday Harbor, of all places). We’ve carried Chloe into the post office there in the past, but it turns out that pet dogs, and other non-service animals, just aren’t allowed in U.S. post offices, per PO-209, part 13-7. Alas.

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  • Linda Olander

    I brought my little (non-barking) dog into the Richmond Heights, Mo. post office today. I was just going to buy one stamp. The very rude postal worker told me to leave with the dog! There was no sign posted on the door. I told her that I thought dogs were only restricted in food establishments and she replied, “No, you need to go!” You would think I had some dangerous, growling animal by her reaction.

  • Ginger

    I experienced a very rude postal worker Monday. My less than 2 lb chihuahua was under my arm. I had saw no signs whatsoever on or in the building. She didn’t say oh I’m sorry no dogs allowed. No she just YELLS at me YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT DOG IN HERE! I MEAN IT! NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND! How rude!.

  • dolores clark

    I was never aware that dogs were not allowed in post office Buildings. I have resided in queens for over 25 years. I do not bring by dog into the post office on a regular basis. Today, as I was walking I decided to bring my dog into the post office while I bought stamps. The few times I have brought my dog into the post office, I have always carried him in my arms. I have never put him on the floor to roam around. So today, I am standing in line with my dog in my arms and hear someone in broken english say something about a dog. As he made another comment I then understood him to say “next time don’t bring dog to p.o. At that time we got into a shouting match, as my dog was not bothering anyone. And I have been coming to this particular post office for the last 25 years, with no problem at all. This supervisor stood behind the window for a good ten minutes – doing nothing to assist in moving the long line along- then decided to make a comment about my dog. I guess he wanted to show that he was in charge because he stood there for a good 10 minutes doing nothing, not working, not assisting customers, nothing at all.
    come to find out, someone stated that whenever there is some kind of commotion, he is always in the midst of it. And come to find out also he’s only been there for two years and creating problems. I could understand if my dog was barking or bothering customers. My dog was minding his own business.

  • Elizabeth Malinowski

    I think the PO should pay more attention to the crappy service they’re giving and less to harmless little dogs that make most people smile!

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