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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

I’m indebted to @Andrea_Arden, the source of the first two links in this week’s collection. She found an NY1 article about a new pet resort near Porland, Maine called The Inn by the Sea. It sounds enchanting — take note: “The best time for a dog lover to take a vacation at the resort is in October when the beach is no longer off limits. And get this, before they drain it, the pool literally goes to the dogs for both sunning and swimming.”

Andrea’s other link? A really interesting article from about the difference between European and American attitudes towards pet ownership. Here’s a quick quote: “Pet ownership involves more responsibility in Europe than it does anywhere else in the world.”

This week’s links about places to visit with your dog include‘s rave review of a visit to Michigan’s Mackinac Island (be warned, though — the famous Grand Hotel is not dog-friendly); Dog’s 2 Cents‘ argument that the city of Napa, CA is much more dog-friendly than Sonoma; and — in time to get ready for Halloween — Haunt Jaunt‘s list of sixteen pet-friendly haunted places to visit.

I’ll leave you with a funny link from Trevor’s Tracks about sneaking a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel into restaurants — Chloe’s relaxed in her stealth carrier, but we’ve never had to deal with this issue!