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Photo Friday: Dog travel photos wanted!

This week’s photo is of a friend’s dog, named Bobbie. I love — but LOVE — how Bobbie’s standing with his front paws in the cupholders! (Our friends are super-conscientious people, so I have no doubt that this is not how Bobbie actually travels. Surely, just out of the picture, is a booster seat with a harness for safety….)

I also love Bobbie’s story. Our friends met him at a shelter, where they’d gone to rescue a senior Miniature Schnauzer (named Jack). The lady of the family mentioned to the shelter folks that she really wanted a “a little white froo froo dog,” though she realized that she was about to go home with Jack. It turns out that Jack’s cage-mate, a nearly-starved scrap of a dog, would normally be white except that he’d been shaved bald to get rid of his horrid mats — and that was Bobbie, who’s now four pounds heavier, and a perfect white fluff-ball. Jack spent the rest of his life with them, and Bobbie is still going strong.

The outrageously adorable Bobbie

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  • Edie

    This is a wonderful story — made me teary. I love the fact that the couple rescued an elderly dog and that they got an adorable fluffball in the bargain!

  • Hi, Edie — They are a really lovely couple. The part that killed me was how darned skinny Bobbie must have been, to be 4 lbs. heavier now….

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