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Taking a dog in-cabin to Hawaii: Not on WestJet

[8/15/11 I’m thrilled to report that this post, and its two companion posts, are now out of date. I’ve just learned that Alaska Airlines isnow allowing small dogs and cats to travel in-cabin to Hawaii, as of today’s date.]

A few days ago I wrote a post about flying with an in-cabin dog to Hawaii — nearly impossible, I said, but I had found a couple of airlines that would allow it. Alas, one of those airlines, WestJet, has just written to me saying that the information their customer service representative gave me was incorrect. In fact, WestJet does not allow pets to travel in-cabin or as checked baggage to Hawaii.

The correct information is provided on WestJet’s web site, but finding pet info on airline sites is tricky, and I never found WestJet’s. I’m so sorry, travelers.

Now, of course, I’m worried that the Korean Air representative I spoke to also gave me the wrong information, so I’ve asked again, this time by e-mail, and I’ll let you know what I learn. Korean Air’s pet policy says nothing about traveling to Hawaii, so I remain hopeful.


  • Julia Pooch

    Hello Dog Jaunt,
    I love traveling on Korean Air with my pooches. I had 2 in cabin from Seattle to Korea and then onto Ho Chi Mein City, Vietnam. They were wonderful to me and the dogs, I highly recommend them. I don’t know about their Hawaii policy, but it is Hawaii that has the strict incoming requirements, not the airlines.
    I traveled to Hawaii in June 2010 with 2 dogs in cabin and had no problem on united air. I was meet in cabin by the Quarantine Dept. of Hawaii and quickly shuffled to the animal control office to verify my paperwork, but all was in order and they released my dogs to me in 45 min.
    My next adventure…. Trinidad! fun in the sun with my pooch.


  • Julia, your travels amaze me! I think one of your dogs is a service dog, right? So that would likely explain why you could travel with them in-cabin to Hawaii on United. I’d be thrilled to learn that United’s policy regarding in-cabin pet dogs has changed, but I don’t think it has, alas.

  • Ethan Allen

    I’ve just today – August 24, 2011 – talked at length with several WestJet Guest Relations staff, and have been assured that they WILL accept in-cabin pets to Hawaii despite the item on their website about quarantines there.

  • What the heck?! Thanks, Ethan!! I’ll get on the phone myself and see if they tell me the same thing. How exciting, especially for Canadian residents, to have a choice other than Alaska and Korean Air!!

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