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Dog jaunt: Sunset Magazine dog-friendly vacation suggestions

I just got my copy of the August 2009 Sunset Magazine, and was delighted to see that it includes a great article listing “Our 10 favorite dog-friendly spots for canine quality time.” Some I already knew about — we live near Orcas Island, and used to live near Carmel, CA — but even in those two locations, Sunset found a couple of beaches and a resort that we need to try. The other locations are Denver, Coronado, Los Angeles, Tucson, Santa Barbara, Petaluma and Walla Walla. Grab yourself a copy and check out pages 32-34!


  • Peggy

    I am not sure how Elisa Bosley could think Denver is such a dog friendly place???? They have a law that states if a dog even remotely resembles a pitt bull they will be confisated and euthanized.
    One family had their dog held for 8 mos till DNA test came back showing it was a boxer mix. I will cross Denver off my possible vacation spots to visit ( and I have family there I could stay for free!! I am also going to cross Sunset Magazine off my list as a source of investigated information.

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