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Dog jaunt: Visiting Legoland (California) with a dog

[4/3/13 Just stopped back to see if anything had improved, and now there are no kennels at all at Legoland California: “Unfortunately due to construction of the LEGOLAND Hotel, we are not able to offer kennel service at this time. If you will require kennel service during your visit please contact us at 760-918-5346 so that we may provide you with a list of local kennels.”]

On the same trip in March 2009 that took us to Disneyland (and the Disneyland Kennel) twice in three days, I also researched visiting Legoland. They too have a kennel, but what a difference — the Legoland kennel is not staffed (though the cages apparently do lock, since you pick up a key from Guest Services when you arrive). Water may be available, but bowls are not. There is no requirement that you provide proof of vaccinations. The kennel is described as “shaded,” and a picture from Flickr shows that the cages are outdoors and sheltered by a flat roof. The picture also shows that the kennel is grimly awful, and I wouldn’t leave Chloe there on a bet. It gets a 1-bone rating from Dog Jaunt only because it exists, and that’s marginally better than no kennel at all.

Legoland’s kennel is free, while Disneyland charges a $20 fee — this is a prime example of getting what you pay for.

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