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Contribute towards building a school in Cambodia, win valuable prizes!

From the beginning, I have thought of Dog Jaunt as a blog for people who love to travel — and who happen to have a small dog. So when I learned that a group of beloved travel bloggers was organizing a fundraiser, called Passports with Purpose, to raise money to build a school in Cambodia, Dog Jaunt jumped on board. Here’s the plan.

The Van and Sam Khong School (Khampong Thorn province), built in 2006

Together we’re going to raise  … Read more

Car safety: Dog harness from Solvit

Photo by Solvit

In one of my first posts, I talked about various harness-and-strap options for keeping your dog safe in your car. The solution that I came up with was a combination of the strap from a PetBuckle seat belt harness kit and the CanineFriendly 3-in-1 vest. That combination still works for Chloe, but I’m always on the lookout for alternatives to tell you about. When I saw the Solvit Pet Vehicle Safety Harness on Amazon, I decided to  … Read more

Dog safety harness for car travel

Half of my car’s back seat is occupied by Chloe’s Snoozer (medium) Lookout Model I, which she and I both like. It’s too bulky to travel with, however, and for trips where we plan to rent or travel in a car, I pack a safety harness for her. Finding one that worked, however, took some doing.

I first bought a CanineFriendly 3-in-1 vest harness, and while I liked the harness part (padded with fleece and sturdy but not weighty), it gave  … Read more