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Kobi Pet Carrier + mesh luggage wrap giveaway winner

This was by far the most popular Dog Jaunt giveaway ever — 85 of you entered to win, and that means the comments section on the giveaway post contains a wealth of excellent dog travel tips. I have learned so much over the past week — thank you, and thank you, too, to the kind souls who praised the blog.

The Kobi carrier in the delectable chocolate-and-pink colorway. Photo by Kobi Pets.

The randomly-chosen winner is Davinah S., entrant #5, whose  … Read more

Giveaway: New, larger Kobi Pet Carrier + mesh luggage wrap ($139 value)

About a month ago, I posted a review of the new, larger Kobi Pet Carrier (and the very new — in fact, not yet released — mesh luggage wrap). I liked it very much, you’ll remember, and I told you that I’d be buying one for Chloe. The carrier is big enough to accommodate a large small dog like my girl, but it still fits under an airplane seat — and the three extra inches you can add to its  … Read more

Product review: New, larger Kobi Pet Carrier (and luggage wrap)

Just over a year ago, I posted a very positive review of the Kobi Pet Carrier: I liked its features, and loved how it expanded on demand (with a zippered gusset) from 18″ long to 21″ long, but regretted that even the larger of the two sizes available was too short, at 10″ tall, for Chloe (who’s 12″ tall at the shoulders). Kobi kindly let me offer it as a giveaway, and it went to reader Debra Lee, whose pup  … Read more

Kobi Pet Carrier giveaway winner

Photo by Kobi, Inc.

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway I announced last Monday for a regular-sized all-black Kobi Pet Carrier (value: $95)! It was really helpful to me to hear about the size of your dogs, the kinds of carriers you already have  — and the fact that many of you don’t have a carrier yet, and are just dipping your toes into the in-cabin pet experience. The randomly-chosen winner is Debra Lee, entrant #17, who has an 8″  … Read more

Giveaway: Kobi Pet Carrier ($95 value)

Last Wednesday, I posted a review of the Kobi Pet Carrier, which I loved because it’s beautifully made and because a gusset concealed in one end can unzip, adding a full 3 inches of length to your pet’s carrier whenever you choose. In the world of in-cabin carriers for small pets, that’s solid gold.

Photo by Kobi Inc.

Kobi sent me their regular-sized carrier, which measures 18″L x 13″W x 10″ H before the gusset is deployed. It’s all black, which I  … Read more

Product review: Kobi Pet Carrier

Please note that this post should be read as a supplement to a more recent one about a newer, larger Kobi Pet Carrier (introduced in early Spring 2013). As you’ll see, some of the features of the current bag are the same as I’ve described below, so you’ll want to come back to this post — just start with the newer post, and remember that the measurements provided in this post are no longer relevant.

Photo by Kobi Inc.

A Dog Jaunt reader  … Read more