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Chloe’s digs: A consistent set-up for a small dog in a hotel room

It occurred to me this morning that I’ve told you in a number of posts how I pack for Chloe, but I’ve never shown you what the stuff we’ve packed looks like once we settle into a hotel room. Here are some photos from our current hotel (I’ll be writing more about it later, after I’ve had a chance to explore thoroughly).

Please note how Chloe is not currently lounging in her crate

What you see is a 24″ long  … Read more

Dog-proofing your hotel room

Photo by hoganedix

I was inspired to write this by an article I saw recently about childproofing your hotel room. Generally speaking, parents and pet owners (especially owners of young pets) both have to worry about the same issues: What’s in here that can harm my small creature, what damage can my small creature wreak, and what can I do about it?

The first thing I do when we get to a hotel room is set up Chloe’s travel crate  … Read more

Leaving your dog in your hotel room? Let housekeeping know!

These clever tags either hang over your hotel room door knob or slide into the slots of front- or top-facing electronic locks, and tell housekeeping to pass over your room because your dog is inside (or to come in because your dog is out). They’re particularly useful if your dog is unconfined in your room, but even if your dog is in a travel crate you probably don’t want housekeeping in your room while you’re away. The alternative is to  … Read more