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Posts tagged ‘Creature Leisure’

Creature Leisure’s Pet Pilot XL rolling carrier

[1/31/13 Phooey!! It looks like this product has been discontinued.]

Last August I reported that I’d bought a rolling pet carrier that looked really good — Creature Leisure’s Pet Pilot XL. For one reason and another I only tried it out a couple of trips ago. Here’s what we thought.

Things we liked: This is, indeed, a very well-made carrier. The zippers and mesh are sturdy, and the carrier rolls solidly — not a wobble to be seen. It cleverly expands with  … Read more

Backpack carrier for a small dog: Creature Leisure Carry Den XT

Chloe in her Carry Den XT

In one of my first posts, I mentioned Creature Leisure’s Carry Den XT as an interesting crossover carrier for a small dog — it has handles and a shoulder strap, but it also has backpack straps that tuck away in its side pocket when they’re not in use. I just bought one, after spending a weekend morning holding Chloe in our arms while we tried to shop at a local farmer’s market (getting  … Read more