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Bernal Heights: San Francisco off-leash dog park

Chloe and friend at the Bernal Heights dog park

I had heard good things about the Bernal Heights dog park, but nothing could have prepared me for its outrageous, gorgeous views of the City by the Bay (this iPhone picture does not do it justice — from where I was standing when I took it, you can see the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, then turn around and see the rest of the city).

Bernal Hill is a former quarry, and although at this time of year it has lots of grass and wildflowers, you’re not here for the flora. You may not be here for the fauna either — it’s a popular place for dogs of all sizes, and Chloe was a bit overwhelmed at times. The views make up for any defects, however, and I have to admit that all of the dogs we saw seemed to be deliriously happy.

Poop bags are available at both of the main entrances — one at the intersection of Folsom St. and Bernal Heights Blvd., and the other at the end of Bernal Heights Blvd. The park is huge (some 39 acres) and criss-crossed with paved and unpaved paths. Be sure your dog has a good recall command, however, since there are no fences.

Bernal Heights Dog Park
Bernal Heights Boulevard
San Francisco, CA 94110