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TruePaws microchipping option

In an earlier post, I talked about the options for microchipping your dog. One of them was double-chipping — that is, implanting both a 125 kHz chip (still most common in the U.S.) and a 134.2 kHz chip (the international standard). Now Banfield pet hospitals (the vets associated with PetSmart stores) offer a double-chipping package called TruePaws. For $29.95, Banfield will implant a 125 kHz microchip and a 134.2 kHz microchip in your dog and give her a tag stating that she has been chipped. She’ll also be registered in Banfield’s database.

Banfield got some very bad press about five years ago when it adopted the international 134.2 kHz standard a bit too far ahead of the curve, and a dog with one of its chips was euthanized by a shelter that could only read 125 kHz chips — half an hour before the dog’s owner called the shelter. Banfield’s obviously trying to prevent that scenario from happening again, and their offer is a darned good deal. Bought separately from your vet and/or online stores, these two chips would cost about $80.

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  • Koko

    Our chihuahua boy got double chipping from Banfield right before we took him to San Diego with us last year. (I asked you about the carrier and under-seat size of SW airline if you cannot remember. =]) It is soooo worth it since we travel out of country every year.

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