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New TSA requirement for travelers with in-cabin pets: Hands swabbed

Getting ready for another flight tomorrow morning, I realized that I forgot to tell you about a new TSA requirement I encountered on this trip: After I passed through the metal detectors at Seattle and at LaGuardia (though not at Baltimore), I was asked to wait until a TSA agent could break free and take me (holding Chloe) over to a counter where both of my hands were wiped with a swab — the same kind of swab they use on your suitcase sometimes, looking for traces of explosives.… Read the rest

Photo Friday: Chloe and L’Écoute

This massive sculpture next to Paris’s St. Eustache church is beloved. We sat near it for a while, people-watching and eating pastries from a nearby boulangerie, and there was never a moment when people weren’t leaning on it, or climbing on it — or putting their dog on it.… Read the rest