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Suggested interview questions

I know you’ll have questions of your own about traveling with a pet, and I welcome them! This list is provided to prime the pump, and to suggest topics you might not have considered — they’re the issues I hear the most about from my readers, so they’re likely to interest your readers or listeners too:

Can I take my dog with me into hotels? How about restaurants?

What kind of pets can fly in-cabin with me?

Is my dog too big to travel in-cabin?

What’s the best carrier for in-cabin travel?

How do I let my dog pee on a long travel day?

What destinations are really pet-friendly?

Is it true that my dog has to be quarantined for, like, 6 months if I go to the U.K.?

How long will it take to get the paperwork I’ll need to travel abroad with my pet? Where do I find it? What’s all this I hear about a “pet passport”?

Is it expensive to travel with a pet?

Will I be prevented from doing things I want to do, because I have my pet with me?

Why would I want to travel with my pet? Wouldn’t s/he be happier at home?

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