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Dog jaunt: A winter week in Colonial Williamsburg with a dog

The last time I wrote about visiting Colonial Williamsburg with a dog, it was 2009 and I hadn’t yet been there with a dog. Now, after a week-long visit with Chloe and husband, I have more details to offer (I am happy and relieved to report, however, that nothing in the earlier post is wrong).

Chloe in the stocks — entirely undeserved, because she was, in fact, a very good dog

Where to stay

It is still the case that only  … Read more

RUNNUR personal pack giveaway winner

Twenty-one of you entered to win this RUNNUR cross-body pack, and you gladdened my heart, because all of you carry as much gear as I do when I walk Chloe — and many of you carry even more (including wonderful Janina, who includes a first aid kit and a mini survival book when she goes running or hiking with her Dachshund). Your ideas, as always, are great, and I encourage you all to read through the comments on the giveaway  … Read more

Giveaway: RUNNUR’s cross-body pack, for dog walking (or not!)

Last Saturday, I posted a review of the RUNNUR cross-body pack, which is useful in a variety of contexts but which I considered as a dog-walking pack. It’s a nifty object, I decided — comfortable to wear and capacious.

At my request, RUNNUR sent me the medium-sized black pack with red stitching, which I think is the coolest of the available options. It costs $39, so under my rules I could keep it — and I was tempted to — but it’s  … Read more

Product review: RUNNUR cross-body pack, for dog walking

I first heard about the RUNNUR pack in an e-mail message from Fido Friendly magazine, way back in May, and I wrote to the company asking for a sample to review. The product is not specifically meant for dog owners (it’s created, says the company, for “People on the Go: Bike, Skate, School, Work and Travel”), but as you’ll see, it’s an appealing option for dog walkers, laden as they are with poop bags, phone, water bottle, treats, etc. RUNNUR  … Read more

Paris resources for dog owners, including another English-speaking veterinarian

I just love Dog Jaunt’s readers. In the past week alone, you’ve told me about an outstanding dog-friendly beach near Rome, crawled around an Alaska plane measuring its under-seat spaces, and prompted me to check out a new in-cabin dog carrier. The latest wonderfulness? Jessica, an expat living in Paris with Birkin, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, has sent me several helpful tips, and here they are.

Another English-speaking veterinarian

I’ve told you in the past about an English-speaking vet that I  … Read more

Upcoming Paris trip: Chatting with other dog owners, in French

Photo by fachxx00

As you know, we’re taking Chloe to Paris this fall. It occurred to me recently, as I went on my morning walk with her around the neighborhood park, that we’ll meet other dog owners in Paris. How are we going to have The Conversation with them, given that we don’t know a scrap of French dog vocabulary?

You know what I mean by The Conversation — anyone who walks their dog and meets other dog owners does.  … Read more

Five reasons to love visiting Rome with a dog

This is a guest post by Helen Asquine Fazio, the blogger behind Travels with My Dog: Observations on the Global Scene. Helen is a writer and a Shih Tzu specialist and Raja is a traveler and a Shih Tzu himself. Helen’s business travels give Raja lots of opportunities for adventures far, far away. Their blog gives practical and fun advice about pet travel destinations near and far.

Raja at the Arch of Constantine

If you want to have fun with  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

Last year I posted a favorable review of a book for RVers traveling with dogs called Woodall’s Camping and RVing with Dogs, so when the Woodall’s site announced that the authors now have a website that allows users to find dog-friendly campgrounds on a map of the U.S., I paid attention. Click on the state you’re interested in for details — and notice that when you do, the left-hand column changes to include links to some useful information, collected under  … Read more

Dog jaunts: Visiting the National Trust’s dog-friendly properties

Brecon Beacons (photo by the National Trust)

I’ve written about National Trust properties before, because the National Trust offers dozens of small, historic buildings in England, Wales and Northern Ireland for vacation rental (and many of the properties are dog-friendly). The Trust is best known, though, as the guardian of historic houses, gardens, monuments and landscapes that the public can visit — including Chartwell, Sutton Hoo, and Lindisfarne Castle. I visited their site last night, after finishing a massive  … Read more

Outward Hound dog walking bag

Photo by Kyjen

I don’t need another dog walking bag — I’m happy with my OllyDog Walker and my Walker Arm Gusset — but I’m a sucker for dog gear, so I bought the Outward Hound Hook-Anywhere Leash Bag anyway. I’m glad I did — it’s a nice alternative to the Arm Gusset, and it’s well-made and well-designed.

A carabiner clips it onto a belt loop (or onto the leash handle, though things hanging off the leash annoy me). Two  … Read more