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Dog travel blog to follow: Travelling Pets

Here’s a dog travel blog that you might not find easily because it’s located at Blogspot. It’s called Travelling Pets, and it’s written by a Canadian couple living in Europe. They’ve been traveling in Europe and North America for the past four years with their Miniature Schnauzer, and have started posting about their experiences finding pet-friendly hotels and activities.… Read the rest

Other dog travel blogs

Dog Jaunt has competition, which is good news for all of us — for you especially, because the more sources of information there are about traveling with a dog, the better for you. (It’s good news for me too, because it suggests that people are interested in traveling with dogs — also, if bloggers are out there asking hotels and transit providers and restaurants questions about dog-friendly products and services, it will help steer the rest of the world towards viewing dogs as valuable clients.)… Read the rest