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Possible calming tip for your traveling dog: D.A.P. dog collar

Chloe does not like taking off or landing in a plane, and when she’s in a hotel room, she’ll bark if someone knocks on our door or a nearby door, or if she hears a dog barking. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not bad at all. It does, however, make morning room service rounds a tricky time for all of us, and I don’t like to feel her shiver during takeoff and landing (I reach down and pat  … Read more

Reader’s report: Taking two in-cabin dogs from Canada to Sweden on Air Canada and DSB train

Reader Reinell wrote to me back in November 2010 about her upcoming trip from Canada to Sweden with Rocky and River, her two Yorkshire Terriers. Her plans were a bit complicated (a domestic flight to Toronto, an international flight to Copenhagen — both on Air Canada — and a train trip to Sweden), and she wondered, too, about sedating her dogs en route. She kindly agreed to send a report when all the dust settled, and here it is:

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