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Posts tagged ‘Tennessee’

Citizen Canine dog-walking hip pack giveaway winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway I announced last Monday for a fully-loaded Citizen Canine dog-walking hip pack! I loved your recommendations for dog-friendly restaurants, attractions and hotels — which I’ll list below, so they’re more easily found than in the comments on the giveaway post — and I loved your enthusiasm. Several of you entered the giveaway in every way possible, and many of you sent in three or four entries.

The winner, in fact, is one of  … Read more

Photo Friday: Chloe and the field

This week we visited my in-laws, gathered in Eastern Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau, and a good time was had by all, especially Chloe:

The stubble looks low, but it's actually shoulder-height on Chloe, so she bobbed around the field like a porpoise.

Here she is, exhausted and happy. Please note that she is off-leash, for the second time ever. The next day she lost her off-leash privileges after she failed a couple of recalls, but today she’s having the  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

Last year I posted a favorable review of a book for RVers traveling with dogs called Woodall’s Camping and RVing with Dogs, so when the Woodall’s site announced that the authors now have a website that allows users to find dog-friendly campgrounds on a map of the U.S., I paid attention. Click on the state you’re interested in for details — and notice that when you do, the left-hand column changes to include links to some useful information, collected under  … Read more

Dog jaunt: Civil War battlefield at Shiloh (TN)

Photo by Nathan Reed

We were staying in Pickwick Landing, TN this past weekend, which happens to be an easy drive away from the famous Shiloh battlefield. In April 1862, Union and Confederate forces fought a fierce two-day battle near Shiloh Church. At issue was the vital rail center of Corinth, MS, only a few miles away. Although Shiloh was officially a Union victory, both sides suffered terribly. The fighting was particularly hot in the Peach Orchard and the  … Read more

Dog jaunt: Tennessee state parks with a dog

It’s time once again for the nearly-annual reunion of my husband’s family, and this year it is being held at Pickwick Landing State Park. Every Tennessee state park sets aside a limited number of inn rooms, and one cabin per park, where you may stay with a pet, and we reserved a room a couple of months ago (the park service suggests making your reservations “several weeks in advance”).

The Tennessee state park pet policy is set out in detail on  … Read more