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Chloe’s Clicks: Last week’s best dog travel links

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” It’s Chloe’s Clicks — on a Tuesday! Being a week and a half late with the dog travel links probably doesn’t qualify as a disaster of biblical proportions, but I surely do like the quote.

In the last bunch of links, I praised Yakima’s new “Wine Doggies” site, designed to help visitors with dogs — this week I’m pleased to report that the Isle of Wight has just published a guide (“Pawprint”)  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

It’s a very miscellaneous week on Chloe’s Clicks. One link, though, hearkens back to a past Chloe’s Clicks — remember that I told you about musician Danny Kean, who tours North America (and elsewhere) with a piano and a dog named Mo? How surprised I was to learn that they came to my neighborhood in Seattle — I totally missed them, but they were here.

There’s a bit of continuity, too, in a clutch of links about New York City —  … Read more

Photo Friday: Tampa airport’s pet store

Now here’s something I’ve never seen before — a pet store in an airport. It’s called Dog-E-works and it’s in Tampa’s airport, among that cluster of shops on the second floor that you see when you go up the escalators from ticketing, or come in on the airport trains from the concourses (there’s apparently another one in Orlando’s airport). And it’s a pretty good store, too — there are lots of tchotchkes and tee-shirts, but there are also good-quality treats,  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

This first link too should have been in last week’s Chloe’s Clicks, but it got lost in my in-box (“Hi, I’m Mary-Alice, and I have an in-box problem”). The inventor of three dog-powered pulled devices (a scooter, a trike and a skateboard) pointed me to his site — I don’t know what to make of it, and never will, since Chloe’s way too small for any of these devices, but I’m impressed by his ingenuity.

Also ingenious? A new album from  … Read more

Mango Dog Park: Tampa area off-leash dog park

Visiting my in-laws recently in Brandon, a suburb of Tampa, Chloe and I were both happy to discover an excellent dog park in the nearby suburb of Seffner-Mango. I particularly liked it, of course, because it has an enormous small ‘n’ shy area, but it has many other positives to tell you about. It’s very large — 5 acres in total — and it’s thoroughly fenced and gated. The small dog area has its own pavilion for shade, as well  … Read more

Pet relief area at Tampa International Airport (TPA)

According to the TPA website, “the relief areas for pets/service animals at the landside building are located in the ‘grassy areas’ across the vehicle drives of the arrival (baggage claim) and departure (ticketing) areas.” And indeed, when you leave the terminal, you will find walkways that lead you across the airport roadway to patches of grass.

Tampa's just coming out of a drought (6/1/12), so all the grassy bits are brown in this picture

This is one of your options,  … Read more