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Reader’s report: Traveling to Peru with a small dog

I’ll just admit up front that this is a low point in my life as a blogger: Reader Stefanie sent me two fantastic messages about this trip a year ago — yes, in June 2015 — and I am only now posting them on the blog. I have apologized to her, of course, and now we will all take a deep, cleansing breath together, swig from a mug of green tea, and stride mindfully into a future of timeliness.

How  … Read more

Reader’s report: Pet stroller as airport, layover solution; under seat space on United’s Embraer RJ-145

This is yet another example of Dog Jaunt reader brilliance. The problem: In no time at all, even a small dog, carried over a shoulder, becomes remarkably heavy. Negotiating an airport, and, in particular, exiting and reentering an airport to visit a pet relief area, would be much more comfortable with wheels. If you have a small dog (under 10 lbs.), the problem is easily solved: I recommend buying a Creature Leisure Pet Pilot XL, a cleverly designed and well-made  … Read more

Photo Friday: A senior dog and his family

My husband and Chloe and I were out on a walk when we encountered this family and their fleet (well, there were two) of strollers. One held a very young child, wrapped up for the cold, and the other, larger stroller held a senior dog curled up on a thick plaid blanket. I found it very moving that they had made such an effort to include their companion in their outings. And he was by no means a small dog  … Read more

Photo Friday: The Central Park stroller ladies

We met friends at Le Pain Quotidien in Central Park for breakfast last weekend, and halfway through my (delicious) oatmeal I realized that this crowd of ladies and dogs and pet strollers had gathered on the lawn across the path. I put down my spoon, darted over, and took their picture. They told me that one of their dogs has a bad leg, and has to be chauffeured (the other strollers were not explained — I think the ladies just  … Read more