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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

Oh, it’s a mixed bag this week. I can point you to a totally charming story about dogs (and cats) cleverly using Russian and British public transit to visit favorite food sources — but I also have to tell you about an unpleasant incident on a London Midland train, where a passenger and her West Highland White Terrier were both bitten by “a small terrier” belonging to another passenger. Please note, by the way, that London Midland runs trains “throughout the  … Read more

Off-leash areas, and dog-friendly accommodations, in Oregon state parks

Photo of McVay Rock park by OCVA

Here’s a link that should have been in yesterday’s Chloe’s Clicks: The Oregon Parks & Recreation Department’s post (“Let your dog sniff where lilies thrived“) about the new off-leash dog area at McVay Rock State Recreation Site, a park on the Oregon coast halfway between Brookings and the California border. I’m glad, now, that I forgot it, because it’s worth a post of its own. The OPRD makes it blessedly easy for  … Read more

Photo Friday: Dog travel photos wanted!

Today’s photo is a couple of weeks old, taken at South Beach on San Juan Island. Leashed dogs are allowed on the beach, but bring your own poop bags. Chloe loves this place, largely because there are slow-moving shore birds to chase (still, they’re faster than she is). We love it because it’s windy and exhilarating, and on a really clear day you can see all the way to Mt. Rainier.

Please send me links to your favorite dog  … Read more

Dog jaunt: Weekend in Friday Harbor with Chloe and Otto

It’s grey and rainy in Seattle, so we decided to pack up the dog and our most challenging cat (why torture our housesitter?) and head north to San Juan Island and Friday Harbor. It’s grey and rainy there too, but at least the view is different. Chloe loves going to Friday Harbor. I don’t know if she secretly yearns for a life on the rolling sea, or if she just likes chasing gulls instead of crows, but she’s always thrilled  … Read more