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Teaching your small dog to use a bike attachment

All six of Kim's dogs

This is a guest post from Kim Garrison, a friend I met through Twitter (follow her at @kimhalligan1 or @jerseyshoredogs). Kim is the guardian of six (6) dogs, including three Lab mixes (mom Sequel and two of her pups, Stanley and Stella), two Japanese Chins (Oscar and Spencer), and Olive the Chihuahua. Kim bikes with some of her dogs, including the Japanese Chins, which are about the same size as Chloe — so of  … Read more

Traveling with a small dog: What other people think

I’m writing this because I’ve been reminded by yet another set of comments on a blog post about pet travel that there are a lot of people out there who really dislike dogs. I can hear you thinking “Why should I care what other people think?” You should care because there is often a big disconnect between our perception of pet travel and other people’s perceptions, and if you’re not aware of it ahead of time, you’ll be shocked when  … Read more

Taking your small dog to an off-leash dog park

We seek out off-leash dog parks with areas set aside for small or shy dogs. Until recently, it was because dogs Chloe’s size being sniffed by big dogs end up balancing resignedly on their front paws with their rear ends draped over the big dog’s nose. Once or twice a day during her morning walk? Fine. But all the time? No, thanks.

I just learned, however, that there’s an even better reason to look for off-leash dog parks that have small  … Read more