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Posts tagged ‘Seatac’

Indoor pet relief area at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: The saga continues

Seattle’s airport is one of a handful of U.S. airports that offers travelers with dogs a pet relief area on the air side of security, meaning that you don’t have to exit the airport and return through security to give your dog a bathroom break. It has changed appearance over the past couple of years, and for a few months shifted locations, and my post about it became increasingly baroque with cross-outs and amendments. Now it’s back in its original location,  … Read more

Taking the Dungeness Line to the Olympic Peninsula with a small dog

I saw a “Dungeness Line” bus in downtown Seattle for the first time yesterday, and I hurried to Google to find out more about it. It turns out to be an Olympic Bus Lines route providing two trips daily between Port Angeles, Sequim, Discovery Bay, Port Townsend and Kingston and several destinations in Edmonds and Seattle (the Edmonds Amtrak station, the Seattle Greyhound station, the Seattle hospitals, the Seattle Amtrak station and Seatac Airport).

Olympic is an independent agent of Greyhound,  … Read more

Seattle airport outdoor pet relief area (North end of baggage claim)

I thought it wasn’t possible for an airport pet relief area to be any nastier than Denver’s, but I was wrong. I learned last night that here in my own city, the airport pet relief area is seriously grim. There’s only one outdoor pet relief area, and it’s located at the far northern end of the arrivals level. [7/13/13 Sea-Tac has created a second outdoor pet relief area since this post was written, located at the opposite, southern end of  … Read more