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Posts tagged ‘scoop’

Photo Friday: Scoop law sign from Paris

This is not the first Parisian scoop law sign I’ve posted. Nearly three years ago I started Dog Jaunt’s scoop law sign collection with this (blurry) placard from the Marais, and chortled over the owner’s trowel (now that I look at it again, I wonder why I didn’t notice how he’s also shooting a death ray at his dog with his left hand — granted, his pup is clearly not attending to business, but that seems extreme).

Nowadays it takes way  … Read more

Photo Friday: Scoop law signs from Chicago and Avignon

There is nothing cheerier than finding new scoop law signs in my in-box and Twitter feed — my thanks this week to reader Melissa and to Naomi Bishop, the blogger behind The Gastro Gnome (tweeting at @gastrognome), for a couple of world-class signs.

First up is Melissa’s sign, a whimsical offering from the Chicago Park District:

The expression on the dog’s face is priceless.

The whole thing is so charming that I find myself only distantly wondering why the Poop Fairy is  … Read more

Photo Friday: Two scoop law signs, from France and Kansas

My post earlier this month about the two scoop law signs I saw in Tacoma, WA jogged the memory of reader Joan, who had planned to share the one she found in Entraygues-sur-Truyère, “a beautiful town in the central mountains of France.” I’m glad she remembered, because it’s a hoot:

Now that’s a dog. Compare, if you will, the standard PNW dog we’ve now seen in both the Seattle and Tacoma signs — also a hound, but lacking the  … Read more