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Posts tagged ‘San Jose’

East Coast luxury: Four “mansion hotels” that allow pet dogs

Back in January, this article from CNN (“8 elegant U.S. mansion hotels“) caught my eye — or, more accurately, the combination of the headline and the photo of Newport’s gorgeous Chanler Hotel caught my eye. Surely some of those beauties must be pet-friendly, I thought, and this weekend I finally made the time to find out.

It turns out that five of the eight featured hotels do allow pet dogs to join their owners. The  … Read more

Pet relief areas at Mineta San José International Airport (SJC)

I haven’t flown into or out of San José since we got Chloe (which is a terrible shame, because, like Oakland’s airport, it’s a huggable alternative to the beast that is SFO), so I was happy to get an e-mail from an SJC marketing rep telling me about the airport’s pet relief areas. Here’s what I’ve learned from her messages and photos, and from Google Maps — keep in mind that I haven’t visited them yet myself, so this is  … Read more

New controversy surrounding dog bicycle leashes

In September 2009, San Jose’s Mercury News reported the death of a walker on the Los Alamitos Creek Trail who fell and hit her head when she became entangled in the leash of a passing dog, tethered to a bicyclist. Now San Jose is considering whether dogs tethered to bicycles should be prevented from sharing paths with other users, or whether dogs should be allowed to be tethered to bicycles at all. Another element of the discussion is the victim’s  … Read more