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Reader’s report: Pet stroller as airport, layover solution; under seat space on United’s Embraer RJ-145

This is yet another example of Dog Jaunt reader brilliance. The problem: In no time at all, even a small dog, carried over a shoulder, becomes remarkably heavy. Negotiating an airport, and, in particular, exiting and reentering an airport to visit a pet relief area, would be much more comfortable with wheels. If you have a small dog (under 10 lbs.), the problem is easily solved: I recommend buying a Creature Leisure Pet Pilot XL, a cleverly designed and well-made  … Read more

Creature Leisure’s Pet Pilot XL rolling carrier

[1/31/13 Phooey!! It looks like this product has been discontinued.]

Last August I reported that I’d bought a rolling pet carrier that looked really good — Creature Leisure’s Pet Pilot XL. For one reason and another I only tried it out a couple of trips ago. Here’s what we thought.

Things we liked: This is, indeed, a very well-made carrier. The zippers and mesh are sturdy, and the carrier rolls solidly — not a wobble to be seen. It cleverly expands with  … Read more

Review of Outward Hound “Roll Along Pet Carrier”

Kyle Hansen of the Kyjen Company sent me three different Outward Hound carriers to try out and review. Kyjen has not paid for these reviews, and when I warned Kyle that they might not be love-fests, he said, essentially, “let ‘er rip.”

Dog Jaunt’s review policy requires me to give away freebies valued at over $50, and Kyjen has agreed that the products will be given away to Dog Jaunt readers. The Sling-Go Pet Carrier, reviewed on December 24, was won by  … Read more

Rolling in-cabin airplane carrier for a small dog: Creature Leisure’s Pet Pilot XL

Chloe in her Pet Pilot XL

[1/31/13 Phooey!! It looks like this product has been discontinued.]

I have long wanted a rolling airplane carrier for Chloe, and I think Creature Leisure’s Pet Pilot XL is the answer. Ours just arrived yesterday, and as usual I’m very happy with how it’s made and designed (I believe that we now own one of every product Creature Leisure offers!).

In its normal configuration (9Hx19Lx14W), the carrier exceeds the airlines’ maximum sizes, but it’s just barely workable  … Read more

Airplane carriers for in-cabin pet travel

Please note that this post refers to maximum carrier sizes accepted for in-cabin pet travel by the leading U.S. airlines.

Chloe in her SturdiBag (Large)

We bought SturdiProducts’ large-sized pet carrier in the belief that it was just barely acceptable to most airlines. We now know that it’s too big (12Hx18Lx12W). On the bright side, its support struts are very flexible, so it does, in fact, fit under every seat we’ve encountered (and Chloe’s been fine — the carrier has a  … Read more