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Airport security line issue: Traveling pets and the TSA canine teams

Two flights ago, I was progressing through the security line with Chloe in her carrier over my shoulder, and a TSA screening dog came up from behind us with his or her handler. The dog stopped briefly, clearly (to me) having noticed Chloe’s presence, and the handler (also briefly, thank goodness) tensed up. I waggled my shoulder with the carrier in the handler’s direction and said something like “there’s a pup in here,” and the team continued down the line.  … Read more

Packs flat when crate is collapsed: Thumbs up for Dexas Popware water bowl

As you know by now, we travel with Chloe’s Midwest metal wire crate, so she has a cozy and secure lair to curl up in when we need to go somewhere without her (I realize that doesn’t work for every dog owner — we are lucky to have a dog who likes her crate, falls asleep in it, and doesn’t make a fuss when we’re absent).

The wire sides of the crate are ideal not only because they discourage scraping (the  … Read more

Backpack and pet lounge: Casual Canine Ultimate Backpack Carrier

As is so often the case, I owe this one to a reader. Heike wrote and asked if I’d seen a carrier on that she was considering, and I told her no, and I likely wouldn’t pursue it because Chloe’s roughly twice as large as the Chihuahua pictured in the carrier’s photo. However, I liked how the side of her carrier expanded in the same way the Smart Space carrier does, and I was still gazing at it when  … Read more

Product review: TUMI’s Alpha pet carrier (or, how the other half lives)

I first heard about TUMI’s new pet carrier a couple of months ago, and posted a wistful link to it on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page — it was a TUMI product, so I suspected it was something special in the world of pet carriers, but it cost $495, so it was out of my price range. The Lord loves a tryer, though, as a waiter in Ireland once told me, so I wrote to TUMI and asked if they’d send  … Read more

Product review: SturdiProducts’ Incognito Pet Carrier

I was asked about this carrier — which I hadn’t seen — by a reader who has a larger small dog, like Chloe, and was looking for an around-town tote. Large totes are hard to find (I use Wagwear’s canvas tote or an OllyDog Olly Tote for the times when Chloe can be visible, and PetEgo’s messenger bag for the times when she can’t), so I was eager to see this new bag, made by the same company that makes Chloe’s beloved  … Read more

Product review: The One Bag, extendable and collapsible

Yet again, I have you guys to thank for this one: What did I think of The One Bag, asked a reader [Maureen] whose name is now lost in the mists of Facebook? I scrabbled around on Google, found the bag, and thought that I’d really like to see it in person. I was intrigued because, like the Kobi Pet Carrier I reviewed in March, the carrier expands in length on demand. Unlike the Kobi carrier, it can be collapsed into a tidy  … Read more

Product review: Kobi Pet Carrier

Please note that this post should be read as a supplement to a more recent one about a newer, larger Kobi Pet Carrier (introduced in early Spring 2013). As you’ll see, some of the features of the current bag are the same as I’ve described below, so you’ll want to come back to this post — just start with the newer post, and remember that the measurements provided in this post are no longer relevant.

Photo by Kobi Inc.

A Dog Jaunt  … Read more

Reader’s report: Dog-friendly Sheraton Hotel in Bellevue, WA

Bellevue, to the east of Seattle, across Lake Washington, is starting to steal a little of Seattle’s thunder. If nothing else, the parking is better on the east side of the lake, and the new-ish Bravern mall is the closest the Puget Sound area gets to glam. And being on the east side, it’s close to Microsoft and Google, and a host of smaller companies. I was happy, therefore, to get a report from reader Jennifer about her recent 4-day stay  … Read more

Vehicles reviewed for dog-friendly features

You’re looking for a car that will safely and conveniently carry you and your dog, but you dread the effort involved in sizing up all the available options. Happily, you have help:‘s mission is to assess cars, minivans, SUVs and any other vehicle “from a dog-lover’s point of view.” The reviewers focus on practical questions like how easy it is to open up the rear cargo space and fit and secure crates in it, and whether the vehicle’s HVAC system  … Read more