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R.I.P.: Pet Airways pet airline

I’m updating this 7/12/09 post because it looks like Pet Airways has finally turned its face to the wall. Its website isn’t functioning, and its Facebook and Twitter pages haven’t been updated since Winter 2011. That’s a shame. They never did have any reported issues with the things I was concerned about (quality of kennels, possibility of escape from care). The comments I saw over the couple of years they were active objected to the expense of the tickets, but  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: The best recent dog travel links

You may have noticed that the blog has been quiet for a while (and that I’ve admitted defeat and titled this Chloe’s Clicks “recent” rather than “this week’s”). I have a good reason — a very good reason indeed — and I’ll announce it as soon as possible. In the meantime, forgive me. I’ll get back in gear on the blog — and don’t miss the news and chat on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page.

The troubles at Pet Airways made the  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

This has been an outstanding couple of weeks for dog travel links. Leading the pack is the Take Paws team, which wrote a bunch of great posts, but I want to highlight their post about U.S. national parks (so often not terribly dog-friendly) and national forests (overlooked, but beautiful and more welcoming to dogs) and their post about visiting several dog-friendly Russian River wineries.

Sticking with the West Coast, check out this post from Young Hollywood listing eight dog-friendly places to  … Read more

Pet Airways announces service to St. Louis

I’ve mentioned this already on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, but Facebook posts disappear from view, and Dog Jaunt is forever. I got an e-mail from Pet Airways, hard on the heels of its Texas announcement, saying that the airline is expanding its service to include St. Louis, MO. Flights to and from St. Louis will begin this summer, and the airline will start taking reservations for St. Louis later this spring. Much as I’d like Seattle to be on the  … Read more

Pet Airways adding Texas destinations

Great news in my in-box this morning! Pet Airways, the pets-only airline (your pet travels in a carrier in the body of the plane, not underneath, and the flight attendants bring her drinks and peanuts) (I made that last part up, but they do check on your pet every 15 minutes) has added three destinations, all in Texas, to its list of flight cities. Flights to Houston, Austin and Dallas will begin this summer to all destinations in the Pet  … Read more

Pet Airways expands service

Pet Airways just announced that it has added Phoenix, Omaha and Atlanta to its list of flight cities. Looking at their map of service, those additions make sense. I’m still looking forward, however, to the day that they add Seattle to the line-up!

New route for Pet Airways: Ft. Lauderdale

Happy news for Florida pet owners! Pet Airways has just announced that they’re adding Ft. Lauderdale to their roster of cities (see Dog Jaunt’s earlier post for an overview of the airline and the other airports it serves). The airline will use the Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE), not Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International (FLL). As of today, fares between New York and Ft. Lauderdale are $249 (and up) each way.