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Posts tagged ‘Paris’

BHV La Niche: Good pet store in central Paris

BHV (short for “Bazaar Hôtel de Ville”) is a great department store in central Paris. I love it because it has a little bit of everything, which is old-fashioned and charming and useful. My favorite sight? DIY folks emerging from the basement home reno section clutching lengths of lumber and PVC pipe, negotiating their way around the fashionistas on the ground floor.… Read the rest

Photo Friday: Chloe and L’Écoute

This massive sculpture next to Paris’s St. Eustache church is beloved. We sat near it for a while, people-watching and eating pastries from a nearby boulangerie, and there was never a moment when people weren’t leaning on it, or climbing on it — or putting their dog on it.… Read the rest

Je ramasse: Dog poop in Paris

I finally thought of taking a picture of one of these Parisian scoop law signs on our way back from dinner last night (there was wine, yes, which explains the blurry). “I love my neighborhood,” it says, “[so therefore] I scoop.”… Read the rest

Dog jaunt: Day trip to Chartres with a small dog

This past Sunday, we took a day trip to Chartres. I had heard for years (well, decades, but who’s counting?) how easy it is to get to, and how marvelous the cathedral is, but for some reason I’d never gone. And for some reason, this Sunday morning we decided to go.… Read the rest

Photo Friday: A man and a dog

This is a such a beautiful photograph. Part of me flinches away from looking at it, because I feel like I’m intruding on a private moment, but I love the perfect harmony between dog and owner. It was taken almost exactly two years ago, in the La Défense district of Paris.… Read the rest