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The One Bag giveaway winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway I announced last Monday for a large all-black The One Bag pet carrier (value: $140)! This time, I asked entrants to leave a comment with their best pet travel tip — and the comments were so terrific that I’ll be publishing them in a separate post tomorrow. I’m bursting with pride — Dog Jaunt readers are such clever, thoughtful people.

Photo by One for Pets

But the giveaway, you ask — who won? The randomly-chosen  … Read more

Giveaway: The One Bag pet carrier ($140 value)

Last Tuesday, I posted a review of The One Bag, a pet carrier that can be lengthened by unzipping gussets at both ends — and collapses into a neat rectangular packet when you’re not traveling.

Photo by One for Pets

One for Pets sent me their large-sized carrier, which is roughly 19″L x 11.5″W x 11.5″H pre-expansion (and can gain 4 more inches in length). It’s all black, which I prefer because it minimizes the perceived size of a carrier. The large-sized carrier  … Read more

Product review: The One Bag, extendable and collapsible

Yet again, I have you guys to thank for this one: What did I think of The One Bag, asked a reader [Maureen] whose name is now lost in the mists of Facebook? I scrabbled around on Google, found the bag, and thought that I’d really like to see it in person. I was intrigued because, like the Kobi Pet Carrier I reviewed in March, the carrier expands in length on demand. Unlike the Kobi carrier, it can be collapsed into a tidy  … Read more