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Product review: OllyDog Olly Tote, an around-town tote for a large small dog

Not long ago, reader Alexandra asked for suggestions for an around-town tote for Bella, her small Cocker Spaniel. Bella is slightly bigger than Chloe — about 14-15 lbs., about 13 inches high at the shoulder, and about 16 inches from neck to tail. Like Chloe, therefore, Bella is in that tricky “big small dog” category — theoretically convenient, but actually a little too large for most small-dog carriers.

Alexandra was interested in the Elite Kaba carrier I profiled about a year ago  … Read more

Hip pack for walks and dog parks

When I set out for a walk with Chloe, my pockets are stuffed with treats, a clicker, the house keys, a roll of poop bags, my phone, deterrent spray and a Gulpy. If I’m going to the dog park, I might also wedge in a mini tennis ball. At night I add a flashlight. All’s well (or well enough) when it’s cold or raining, because I have jackets with endless pockets. But when the summer rolls around — and it  … Read more