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Posts tagged ‘New Haven’

Expansion of Amtrak’s “Pets on Trains Pilot Program”: Or, Chloe’s going to Portland!

After his 20-year snooze in the Catskills, Rip van Winkle’s first spoken words, appropriately for this blog, refer to his beloved pet Wolf: “‘My very dog,’ sighed Rip, ‘has forgotten me!’” Chloe and I have been gone nearly as long, it seems, but we haven’t forgotten you, and you (bless you, Dog Jaunt Nation!) haven’t forgotten us. Thank you for all the comments and travel reports — this is the week that I will start posting them and responding.

As those of  … Read more

New Haven, CT dog-friendly hotel: The Study at Yale

I hadn’t been back to New Haven since I graduated twenty-five years ago, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that there was a new (ish — it opened in 2008) place in town to check out. What did surprise me was that it was one of only two attractive dog-friendly choices downtown, the other being the Omni Hotel (which is a bit too corporate-glam for me). Happily, The Study at Yale is a sweetheart of a hotel, and I can  … Read more