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Pet relief area at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport (MKE)

Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport has a pet relief area (well, after a fashion, as you’ll see), but you would never know it from the airport’s website and signage. There was nothing in my usual sources about MKE’s pet relief area, and the airport’s information desk is just a collection of brochures and maps. I ended up picking up the white courtesy phone and throwing myself on the operator’s mercy. Here’s what I learned.

When you arrive at MKE, make your way to  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

Let’s start this week — why not? — in Massachusetts. Fido Loves posted an enthusiastic report about the dog-friendly beaches at Brant Rock (southeast of Boston, near Duxbury), and the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem proved it’s dog-friendly with pix of a visiting pair of Schipperkes.

Heading south, ClubPlanet described the five best pet-friendly bars in New York City — how helpful that would have been two weeks ago, when Chloe and I could both have used a drink or three —  … Read more

Photo Friday: Keeping cool in Milwaukee

Yesterday’s guest post from Helen Fazio about taking a dog to Rome got me thinking about dogs cooling off in fountains. This picture was taken nearly five years ago in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, a vibrant historic warehouse district of shops, galleries and restaurants — stroll the district with your dog (here’s a walking tour), and then set off on the RiverWalk.

Photo by Beige Alert

Please send me links to your favorite dog travel photos! They’ll get listed below,  … Read more