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Posts tagged ‘Midway’

Reader’s report: The XL SturdiBag, in-cabin carrier for a tall Miniature Poodle

As I’ve said before, it’s easy to travel with a small pet dog (say, under 10 lbs.), and it’s pretty easy to travel with a pet Chloe’s size (she has variously weighed 13-16 lbs., and stands 12″ tall at the shoulder). But what about pets weighing more than 16 lbs., or measuring more than 12″ tall at the shoulder? This week, reader Amy reports on making the extra-large SturdiBag work for her tall Miniature Poodle, with some useful modifications and  … Read more

Pet relief area at Chicago’s Midway International Airport (MDW)

Chicago’s Midway airport is so much more pleasant than O’Hare, and here’s one reason: There is a pet relief area, and you can easily find it. The airport’s web site is fairly useless (“The Animal Relief Area is curbside, on the lower level.”), but the airport itself was well-signed. Incredibly well-signed, in fact — some airports will grudgingly give you a sign or two in the baggage claim area, but Midway’s signs started on the arrivals concourse. Outstanding! I brought  … Read more