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Posts tagged ‘leash’

Ankle Anchor dog restraint — perfect for picnics

While looking for something completely different, I came across a product that I had to buy: the Ankle Anchor, from a U.K. company called Dog Adorers. The Ankle Anchor secures your dog to you with a robust, fleece-lined ankle strap to which you attach a double-ended leash (provided with the Anchor). It looks like it will be perfect for meals at a café table, or for picnics — maybe especially for picnics, because you can always tie your dog’s leash to the  … Read more

Another Stunt Puppy leash

After I published a post about a collar and leash I bought from Stunt Puppy, I was contacted by Stunt Puppy’s Ken Goldman, who very kindly sent me a replacement leash. The Everyday Leash for Smaller Dogs arrived today, and here’s what I think: Once again, this is a well-made and well-designed product, but it too isn’t meant for a really small dog.

Extended to its full length of 64″, the Everyday Leash is certainly long enough to walk a dog Chloe’s  … Read more

Extra leash and harness

I’m editing my master packing list today by adding “extra leash and harness” to it. On a recent road trip I misplaced Chloe’s leash, and although I eventually found it, the experience drove home the lesson that traveling with only one leash and harness is too risky. It would have been really difficult to get a leash-free Chloe safely to a pet store to buy a replacement — be warned!

Stunt Puppy collar and leash

I just received the Everyday Collar for Smaller Dogs and Utility Leash I ordered from Stunt Puppy, and I love everything about them except that neither works for a small dog. Both products are well-designed and well-made. The leash clip — unlike the thumb-latch clips you see so often — cannot accidentally open if your dog’s collar turns just so, and it’s on a swivel, so the leash doesn’t kink. The strap is waterproof and, according to Stunt Puppy, odor  … Read more