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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

“This week” is a bit of a fiction, I know, given that the oldest link in here is dated January 25, but a more accurate headline wouldn’t be nearly so catchy. The link is certainly attention-grabbing: Australia turns out to be darned pet-unfriendly in many ways, but the Sunshine Coast Daily reports that the Sunshine Coast Council (representing a large urban area north of Brisbane) recently decided to let local café owners choose whether to allow dogs to join diners in  … Read more

Carrier on lap during flight or not? Second thoughts

A while ago, I wrote a post about whether you can or cannot bring your dog’s carrier out from under the seat during flight and rest it on your lap. All airlines agree that your dog must stay completely in her carrier, but some appear to allow you to hold the carrier on your lap except during takeoff and landing.

It was a popular post, so I know that a bunch of you like having your dog’s carrier on your lap  … Read more

Traveling by plane with an in-cabin dog: Carrier on lap during flight or not?

In an earlier post, I suggested that you pull your dog’s carrier out from under the seat in front of you and put it on your lap, after takeoff and before landing. I think the physical contact helps Chloe, and I certainly find it soothing. Southwest’s new pet policy set off alarms, however. On Southwest flights, your pet’s carrier must remain under the seat in front of you for the entire flight. Do other U.S. airlines have this same requirement?  … Read more