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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

“This week” is a bit of a fiction, I know, given that the oldest link in here is dated January 25, but a more accurate headline wouldn’t be nearly so catchy. The link is certainly attention-grabbing: Australia turns out to be darned pet-unfriendly in many ways, but the Sunshine Coast Daily reports that the Sunshine Coast Council (representing a large urban area north of Brisbane) recently decided to let local café owners choose whether to allow dogs to join diners in  … Read more

Contribute towards building a school in Cambodia, win valuable prizes!

From the beginning, I have thought of Dog Jaunt as a blog for people who love to travel — and who happen to have a small dog. So when I learned that a group of beloved travel bloggers was organizing a fundraiser, called Passports with Purpose, to raise money to build a school in Cambodia, Dog Jaunt jumped on board. Here’s the plan.

The Van and Sam Khong School (Khampong Thorn province), built in 2006

Together we’re going to raise $13,000,  … Read more

Kurgo Wander Carrier: Dog carrier for car safety

I’ve been eying a Kurgo Wander Carrier for a long time, and I finally just went ahead and bought one. It arrived today, and I’m not disappointed.

This is a really attractive, well-made product. At 19Lx11Wx12H, it’s far too large to work as an in-cabin airplane carrier (no matter what it says on the box), but that’s not its purpose. According to the manufacturer’s website, it’s meant to keep your pet comfortable and safe on car trips, and it will do that  … Read more