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Dog travel of yesteryear: My search for the kennel on the Queen Mary

After (naturally, after) the last time I visited the Queen Mary, a glorious Cunard ocean liner that sailed from 1936 to 1967 and is now permanently moored in Long Beach, CA, I found a site that provides the original deck plans for the various levels of the ship, along with plans of the ship as it’s now configured. I noticed that the Queen Mary’s dog kennel was located on the Sports Deck, just in front of the second funnel:

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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

This week’s collection of dog travel links is a nicely-balanced blend of adventure and caution. On the adventure side, check out youdidwhatwithyourwiener‘s what-the-hell-why-not post about buying a dog trailer and taking it and the dogs for an inaugural bike ride from Mukilteo (just north of Seattle) to Langley (on the east side of Whidbey Island). The trip sounds like a total hoot — Langley was delightfully dog-friendly, and the dog trailer was a brilliant idea, and you have to read  … Read more

Photo Friday: The Grand Canyon

The caption on Flickr for this photo is “the grand canyon: unimpressed dog,” which is perfect. It was taken just over a year ago. The official website for the Grand Canyon National Park has a page devoted to visiting dogs: Pet dogs are hardly allowed at all on the North Rim, and on the South Rim, dogs are allowed only above the rim and must be leashed. There is a kennel on the South Rim, to give pet owners the  … Read more

Pepper in Paris: Paris dog resources, and the QM2 kennel

I missed the heyday of this blog, when Pepper the Schnauzer and his owner Nikki Moustaki were traveling to Europe on the Queen Mary 2 and visiting Hamburg, Amsterdam and, ultimately, Paris, but the old posts are still very fun to read. It’s also good to see pictures of the QM2 kennel, and hear about how Pepper was pampered by the kennel staff.

Nikki and Pepper also mention two really useful resources for people with pets in Paris. The first is a  … Read more

Dog jaunt: Visiting Legoland (California) with a dog

[4/3/13 Just stopped back to see if anything had improved, and now there are no kennels at all at Legoland California: “Unfortunately due to construction of the LEGOLAND Hotel, we are not able to offer kennel service at this time. If you will require kennel service during your visit please contact us at 760-918-5346 so that we may provide you with a list of local kennels.”]

On the same trip in March 2009 that took us to Disneyland (and the Disneyland  … Read more

Dog jaunt: Visiting Disneyland with a dog

One of the places you can’t bring a dog is the Happiest Place on Earth. (Theoretically, you could get your dog in, since the bag check happens before you reach the plaza containing the ticket booths and the Disneyland Kennel, but some of the rides I like would unnerve a small dog in a carrier.) Happily, the Disneyland Kennel is a pleasant and safe place to leave your dog. In March 2009, we ended up there twice in three days,  … Read more