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Traveling by public transit (and train) in and around Rome with a pet dog

Put briefly, your pet dog need only be leashed and muzzled to travel on Rome’s public transit, but there is a fee. Broadening the focus beyond Rome, small pets in carriers travel for free on Trenitalia regional and long-distance trains, while there is a fee for larger dogs. We haven’t been back to Rome since Chloe walked (or, rather, wiggled — she was very small) into our lives. I suspect that, as in Paris, the rules provide a general framework for  … Read more

Reader’s report: Custom Celltei carrier for Franny the Corgi

I have mentioned Celltei’s custom carriers in the past (they made a gigantic combination wheeled/backpack carrier for a 50 lb. dog, for travel on NYC’s subway system), but I have yet to check them out for myself. I was grateful, therefore, to hear from reader Courtney about the custom carrier she ordered from Celltei for Franny, her 19 lb. Cardigan Welsh Corgi — especially because I’ve just learned that the expandable carrier I typically recommend to folks with really large  … Read more

Photo Friday: The Fuzzy One en route to Venice

What a pleasure it was to open a recent e-mail message and see a jubilant report from reader Wanda about spending four months in Europe with her pup! Here’s The Fuzzy One, a seven year-old, 13 lb. Shih Tzu, on a Trenitalia train to Venice:

Waiting to get underway at the Turin train station

Officially, per the Trenitalia website, your pet dog must travel in a 70x30x50 cm container, but heck, it’s Italy — I suspect that by this point in  … Read more

Reader’s report: Welcome sign from Lucca, and a useful resource for dog owners in Italy

This post was triggered by one of the many great signs reader Gail sent to me from Lucca, Italy while she and her husband and Puccini, their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, were living there this spring:

This was posted on the door of a restaurant, Gail told me. “Do you love that this dog has an opposable thumb?! The jaunty cap is also a nice touch. It says, ‘Finally I can go in too!’”

It reminded her to tell me  … Read more

Photo Friday: Scoop law sign from Lucca

Reader Gail has brought us so many great photos, including two on the blog of Puccini, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, vacationing in Italy. At the beginning of April, she sent in two scoop law signs from Portofino and Sorrento, and now they’re joined by one from Lucca:

Gail saw this sign while she and Puccini “were out for our first passeggiata” after arriving in Lucca — how I envy her!

“Fido Lindo,” it says (or “Tidy Fido”), and indeed, there the pup  … Read more

Photo Friday: Puccini in Italy

A couple of weeks ago, I posted two pictures of Italian scoop law signs sent to me by reader Gail. When I thanked her for them, she sent me a couple of pictures of her pup Puccini (who, like Chloe, is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel weighing about 13-14 lbs.), and kindly agreed to let me post them on the blog.

Here’s Puccini, enjoying the view from Gail’s rental in Umbria:

I…just…this picture leaves me speechless.

And here she is on the  … Read more

Photo Friday: Two scoop law signs from Italy

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see new-to-me scoop law signs. (I also get way more excited than I should about clever features of pet carriers — it’s taken me a long time, but with this blog, I have clearly found my joy.) So of course I squeaked happily when reader Gail sent me two pictures from a trip to Italy, one from Portofino, and the other from Sorrento.

The Portofino sign — a graphic  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

“This week” is a bit of a fiction, I know, given that the oldest link in here is dated January 25, but a more accurate headline wouldn’t be nearly so catchy. The link is certainly attention-grabbing: Australia turns out to be darned pet-unfriendly in many ways, but the Sunshine Coast Daily reports that the Sunshine Coast Council (representing a large urban area north of Brisbane) recently decided to let local café owners choose whether to allow dogs to join diners in  … Read more

Chloe’s Clicks: This, um, month’s best dog travel links

Holy cats, this Chloe’s Clicks is way overdue! I’ll just plunge in with the oldest link in the collection, a post about a private jet company in the U.K. that invites your pet to join you in the main cabin. On the plus side: Your pet’s with you in the main cabin, and she has her “very own leather-upholstered seat, strapped in for safety, all while enjoying a window view.” On the minus side: If you have to ask, you  … Read more

When in Rome: Gelato for dogs, and where to find it

In this week’s Chloe’s Clicks, I included a link to a Washington Post story and video about canine gelato (no eggs, milk or sugar) that’s being sold in Rome (currently experiencing temps in the low 90’s). Neither link — nor any other I could find — included the essential info: What stores are selling the doggie gelato cups? So I asked my friend Jessica Spiegel, a travel writer specializing in all things Italy (and Portland, too! she’s responsible for a  … Read more