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Reader’s report: Air-side pet relief area at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

As you know from previous posts, the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has multiple pet relief areas. I’ve visited one of the areas serving Terminal D, and reader Giuliana shared info and pictures from one of the areas serving Terminal C (there’s another outdoor pet relief area at the southern end of Terminal C, and there’s one serving Terminal A — if you visit them, please report!). In addition to its outdoor pet relief areas, DFW is also one of the  … Read more

Indoor pet relief area at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport: The saga continues

Seattle’s airport is one of a handful of U.S. airports that offers travelers with dogs a pet relief area on the air side of security, meaning that you don’t have to exit the airport and return through security to give your dog a bathroom break. It has changed appearance over the past couple of years, and for a few months shifted locations, and my post about it became increasingly baroque with cross-outs and amendments. Now it’s back in its original location,  … Read more

Visiting Paris with a dog? Here’s a crucial French phrase

Dog and Dior (photo by pussnboots)

Almost a month ago, I wrote a post about having The Conversation in French — you know, the conversation you have with the other dog owners you meet during a walk (“What a great dog! What kind is she? How old is she?” and so on). Shortly after I posted it, I realized that I hadn’t asked Melanie, my Parisian friend (and a skilled linguist), for help with a phrase I suspect I’ll  … Read more