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Dog-friendly hotels near Madison Square Garden

I was scrolling through The Westminster Kennel Club 2010 judging program to find out when the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are going to be on tonight, and noticed on pages 12-14 of the program a list of dog-friendly hotels (of course!) near Madison Square Garden. Here’s the program (pdf) — please note that the dog-friendly hotels are listed first, followed by hotels that are not dog-friendly (Affinia Dumont is the last listed dog-friendly hotel).

iPhone dog resources app: petcentric places

In an earlier post, I reviewed PetMD Finder, an iPhone application that lists the nearest veterinarians, daycare centers, dog parks, dog sitters, dog walkers, groomers, and pet-friendly hotels (or you can provide a zip code for the location you’re interested in). Pretty ambitious, I thought, but that was before I dug into petcentric places, a Purina iPhone app which tells you about all that plus animal shelters, dog-friendly beaches, amusement parks and campgrounds, and dog-oriented events.

Now that’s ambitious. As yet, the  … Read more

iPhone dog resources app: PetMD Finder

A while ago I wrote about an iPhone application called Off Leash that helps you locate nearby off-leash dog parks. Since then, I’ve added a couple more dog-related apps to my iPhone, including PetMD Finder. Despite the name, the app is not just focused on veterinarians. It also provides lists of daycare centers, dog parks, dog sitters, dog walkers, groomers, and pet-friendly hotels. It searches for relevant results using either your current location or a zip code you type in.

On  … Read more

Dog-friendly hotels: TripAdvisor

Until recently, I thought that you had to find the names of some dog-friendly hotels in the location you want to visit, then laboriously look them up on TripAdvisor to see which of them you, the human, would like best. Foolish me. It turns out that TripAdvisor will tell you which of the hotels it lists are pet-friendly, if you coax it a little.

Here’s what you do: Go to TripAdvisor, type in your destination and select your dates (if you  … Read more

Travel book review: The Pet Travel and Fun Authority

I kept hearing about this book, last published in 2001 and now out of print, and I finally bought a copy for myself. I was surprised to find that it’s a directory more than a guidebook — there is a bit of text at the beginning of each state’s listings, briefly describing the editors’ favorite dog-related activities in that state, but the bulk of the book consists of lists of dog-friendly places to “sit” (restaurants and shops — not very  … Read more

Fido Friendly magazine

I just received the first issue of my new subscription to Fido Friendly (August 2009), and I’ve dog-eared nearly every page in the extensive Travel section. The articles (three “notes” and eleven longer pieces) are informative and tempting. The locations range from Borrego Springs, CA to Madisonville, LA to Bruges, and include resorts, restaurants, campgrounds and dog-friendly cemeteries. Take a look at an issue — it certainly has me thinking about visiting places I would never have thought of otherwise.

I  … Read more