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Posts tagged ‘gum’

Reader’s report: Recommendation for English-speaking dog groomer in Paris

You’ve met Ralph the Bichon a couple of times now, since his person Anne has kindly allowed me to post pictures from his trips to France. Anne was also the source of a really sensible travel ID tag solution involving an e-mail address that generates an automatic (and infinitely customizable) reply. This July, she wrote to me from Paris with a recommendation for a dog groomer she turned to when Ralph got a glob of gunk stuck in his paw. I’m  … Read more

Reader’s report: Xylitol poisoning puts her dog, critically ill, in the ER

You’ll remember that at the end of February, reader Debra shared a lot of useful information about flying with two dogs at once in a divided carrier. She and her husband traveled with their pups Raisin and Mia, both Mexican Frenchies, to Ft. Myers, FL. Imagine my dismay when I heard from Debby, only a couple of weeks later, that Raisin was fighting for her life after eating some Orbit gum that fell out of Debby’s purse. I had heard  … Read more