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Posts tagged ‘Gulpy’

The Gulpy dog water bottle: Redesigned, now in two sizes

I have loved Chloe’s Gulpy water bottle since we bought our first one over two years ago. As I said when I first reviewed it, it’s a simple product that does its job really well. The only feature I didn’t like was its plastic clip, meant to be hooked over a waistband. I also wished, in a mild way, that the bottle could be stood solidly on its base, rather than teetering on the rounded end of the water dish  … Read more

H2O4K9: A fling with a water bottle

In one of my earliest posts on Dog Jaunt, I praised the Gulpy dog water bottle as a simple product that does its job really well. It does, but, you know, nothing is perfect, and when I caught sight of H2O4K9’s exciting new dog water bottle I lost my head and ordered one. For one thing, I really love dog gear I have a clear duty to my readers to report on new products. And the Gulpy does have a  … Read more

Yet another hip pack for dog walking

This is my third post about hip packs for dog walking — I still love the OllyDog Walker I reviewed back in May, and if I wanted more room to carry stuff I’d be happy with the WalkyBag I found a couple of weeks later, but the one I just found today is worth a look. (It was cunningly concealed in a website about Golden Retrievers, so it’s just a fluke that I stumbled upon it.)

The Hound Hipster covers the  … Read more

Gulpy dog water bottle

Chloe and her Gulpy

The Gulpy is a simple product that does its job really well. It’s a water bottle with a screw-on cap attached to a scoop-shaped piece of plastic. Closed, the scoop hugs the bottle and allows it to be carried in a normal water-bottle holster. Flipped open, the scoop holds water (squeezed out of the bottle) in a convenient “dish” for your dog to drink from.

The Gulpy has a clip on the side, so you can  … Read more

Hip pack for walks and dog parks

When I set out for a walk with Chloe, my pockets are stuffed with treats, a clicker, the house keys, a roll of poop bags, my phone, deterrent spray and a Gulpy. If I’m going to the dog park, I might also wedge in a mini tennis ball. At night I add a flashlight. All’s well (or well enough) when it’s cold or raining, because I have jackets with endless pockets. But when the summer rolls around — and it  … Read more