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Giveaway: Tom Bihn Citizen Canine hip pack ($100 value)

Last week I posted a review of the new Citizen Canine hip/waist pack from Seattle company Tom Bihn. I liked everything about it except its price (and even that I could live with) and its lack of a way to hold a water bottle (and I came up with a workaround for that). I flat-out loved how it would organize the double-handful of objects I bring with us to dog parks: ChuckIt! launcher, two small ChuckIt! balls, water bottle, leash,  … Read more

Photo Friday: Winner of the Holiday Hop for Pets Christmas stocking!

Back on November 17, I announced that Dog Jaunt’s giveaway in the Holiday Hop for Pets giveaway would be a dog-themed Christmas stocking, made from a pattern by Judith Swartz in her book Dogs in Knits. To get a chance to win, you had to “like” Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page and let me know what dog’s name you wanted to have stitched around the top band of the stocking. Forty-three of you responded, and told me your pups’ names — which  … Read more

Holiday Hop for Pets giveaway: Win a hand-knit Christmas stocking, with your dog’s name on it!

When I heard about this blog hop from my friends at DogTipper, Two Little Cavaliers, and Life with Dogs, I knew exactly what to do with the dog-themed Christmas stocking I’d been idly knitting. Here it is:

Photo from "Dogs In Knits" by Judith L. Swartz

Well, to be frank, that’s what it will look like. Mine is done down to the heel, but I promise you I’ll be finishing it over the Thanksgiving break. Isn’t it adorable?? I  … Read more

Photo Friday: Giveaway winners!

I know, there’s supposed to be only one winner this week, but the prize was a (heavy) locking leash, and two pups posted travel pictures: Eva, a Papillon, and Sandy, a Golden Retriever. What on earth would Eva do with the leash, if she won? So here’s my solution: Sandy wins the locking leash, and I’ll send Eva a felted ball (I had two that were new in their packaging, and gave one away a week ago). Congratulations all  … Read more

Photo Friday: Motorcycle carrier, giveaway winner, and new giveaway!

I saw this man, accompanied by a friend, park his Harley just below The Doctor’s Office in Friday Harbor, WA (the source of excellent breakfast sandwiches, frothed OJ, pastries and ice cream). I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, they were walking with a Yorkshire Terrier. Where, I thought, had the Yorkie come from? As we were heading home, we passed the motorcycle, and its owner showed me how he’d rigged up a carrier out of  … Read more

Photo Friday: Lazy days of summer

I took this week’s photo last Friday, as Chloe and I rode the ferry from Anacortes to San Juan Island’s Friday Harbor. Although dogs are allowed upstairs if they’re in a carrier, and the view from upstairs is really lovely, I typically stretch out in the car and snooze. Usually Chloe sleeps in my lap, but this time she curled up in the passenger seat.

As you know, I’m giving goodies away over the next several Photo Fridays! After the photo, I’ll  … Read more

Photo Friday: Bentley the Boxer on a seaplane

This week’s photo is courtesy of my husband, who flew from Seattle to Friday Harbor last weekend a seat or two behind Bentley the Boxer, who (he learned) is a frequent flyer on Kenmore Air.

After the photo, read all about this week’s giveaway — I’ll be giving goodies away over the next several Photo Fridays!

Please send me your favorite dog travel photos! They’ll get listed below, for everyone to click on and view — and they’ll give you a chance  … Read more

Photo Friday giveaway: Winner of the Fab Dog raincoat

As you know, everyone who posted a photo of their dog during the last two Photo Fridays earned chances to win a Fab Dog raincoat in my favorite print — a map of New York’s subway system. These past two weeks have been such fun for me that I plan to make this a weekly giveaway, starting tomorrow, and continuing for as long as I have prizes — I can think of at least five prizes off the top of  … Read more

Photo Friday: The giveaway continues!

Bribery works! Take a look at last week’s Photo Friday, and you’ll see that eight of you lovely, lovely people posted dog travel pictures of your own — earning you a chance to win a really fab Fab Dog raincoat, and bringing joy to me and many others. Now keep going! This week’s Photo Friday will take submissions until next Wednesday, at which point I’ll put last week’s wonderful eight in a pot with this week’s wonderful entrants, and randomly  … Read more

Photo Friday: Seattle Light Rail

The extension of Seattle’s light rail line to the airport has been open since mid-December 2009, but we took our first trip on it this past weekend. Chloe and I left the car in downtown Seattle and rode to the airport to meet my husband, who was returning from a few days in the Bay Area. As you can see, Chloe traveled in her Creature Leisure Carry Den XT (the backpack was a good choice, since there’s a bit of  … Read more