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SeatGuru info about pet travel: Has potential, but out-of-date

This post was prompted by a reader’s comment, asking if I’d seen the “Pets” feature on SeatGuru. I had, and you can too if you go to SeatGuru’s site, click in the left column on a part of the alphabet (I chose Frontier, at random, so I clicked on the F-K range and then on “Frontier Airlines”). Once the airline of your choice is featured, look at the tabs at the top of the page — on the far right  … Read more

Flying with your small dog? 5 tips to help you choose a good in-cabin carrier

“I write about all aspects of traveling with a small dog (our dog, Chloe, is a young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), but most of the questions I get are about taking a small dog on a plane. And most of those questions are about choosing a carrier. It’s a bewildering task: There are lots of choices, and there are lots of parameters to worry about. Nearly all of the U.S. airlines allow small dogs to travel in-cabin, and many international  … Read more

Flying with an in-cabin dog: Adding a dog to your plane reservation

A couple of days ago, we bought tickets on JetBlue to travel to New York City later this summer. I have to go to a conference, we both want to see some friends — five days should cover it, right? Well, it’s a six-day trip now, because after I made our on-line reservations I called back to add Chloe to my ticket (as I always do), and learned that our outgoing flight already had its full complement of in-cabin pets  … Read more

Frontier Airlines now allows pets to fly in-cabin

Frontier Airlines announced today that small pets (including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or small household birds within the U.S. — only dogs and cats to international destinations) may travel in-cabin with their owners. There is a $75 (each way) fee, which makes the policy competitive with Southwest’s policy. Also like Southwest, Frontier had the good sense not to specify a maximum carrier size. Instead, it has provided customers with the dimensions of the under-seat spaces on its various  … Read more

How to make your dog more comfortable in her carrier

Photo by tombothetominator

One of the search queries I see most often in Dog Jaunt’s records is “dog whines in airplane carrier,” so I know that there are plenty of you out there who are worried about how your dog is reacting, or will react, to being in her carrier. Even Chloe, an outstanding traveler, has started to scrape a bit at the sides of her carrier during takeoff.

I’ve decided that she’s probably not upset about being in the  … Read more

Alaska and Horizon now accept soft-sided in-cabin pet carriers

Until recently, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air officially only accepted hard-sided in-cabin pet carriers (all other U.S. airlines that welcome in-cabin pets accept soft-sided carriers). Now, however, both airlines will allow you to bring your pet on board in a soft-sided carrier, and they’ve cut pet owners a break on the height: Soft-sided carriers may be 10 inches tall, 2.5 inches taller than the maximum allowed for hard-sided carriers.

To compare the Alaska/Horizon in-cabin pet policy with that of other airlines,  … Read more

Taking a dog in-cabin to Hawaii

Playing fetch with a coconut (Photo by grenade)

[8/15/11 I’m thrilled to report that this post, and the two posts that followed it, are now out of date. I’ve just learned that Alaska Airlines is now allowing small dogs and cats to travel in-cabin to Hawaii, as of today’s date.]

Impossible, you say! Well, just about — but I think I have three options for you. A couple of days ago a Dog Jaunt reader posted a comment asking for  … Read more